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Custom Cool TV Covers will help protect your Cable Box from Light Moisture, Dust & Static, and they look nice when your cable box is not in use, but they can’t prevent a short circuit problem.

Disclaimer: Cable box's are not weather proofed so moisture, humidity, and rain may enter the cable box'sinterior and cause the internal circuitry to short out. Don’t forget those pesky insects. Insects are a conductor of electricity and may cause a short circuit. It’s always a good idea to allow the Cover to “air out” on a good weather day, if you’ve not removed the Cover for entertainment purposes in awhile. All information and suggestions are supplied to our customers in the expectations that our customers will make their own determination on how best to protect their outdoor cable box, based on placement of outdoor cable box and weather conditions. In no case will Custom Cool TV Covers be responsible for damage to outdoor cable box.

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