Custom Cool Outdoor TV Covers

Quality TV Covers with the looks to match! Help protect your investment from Dust, Lt Moisture & Static.

Pricing for Custom Cool Outdoor TV Covers

Price Determined by TV WIDTH. (Left to Right, not Diagonal) 
Example a 42” Diagonal is probable 38” Wide TV which is a lower Price.
You choose from 18 colors of high grade marine vinyl.

Width of TV
Left to Right
Solid Color Cover
with Back Closure, Bottom Velcro
& Interior Lining

Orders ship in 1-3 days. To Order Now Click Here

All Custom Cool TV Covers are Made to Order.
We donít stock covers or make covers to fit a range of sizes.

These covers will fit your TV and Mount Set up and they will last longer than 5 Years!
All Covers are made with High Quality Weather Resistant Marine Vinyl.

TV Covers come with Bottom Velcro Closure and Padded Moisture Wicking Lining.
Thereís nothing cheap or flimsy about these Covers!†
Give us a few days to make your Custom Cool TV Covers, it wonít take long!

Up to 20”
21"- 32”
33”- 40”
41”- 47”
48”- 53”
54”- 58”
59”- 67”

68" - 79”


Over 79”

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All Designs are Hand Cut and Stitched for You,
so our Pricing is based on Difficulty of Design.
Scroll Down to View Current Colors, Designs and Pricing Options


High Quality Marine Grade Vinyl. You choose your Cover color and you choose the color for your Design!
*The appearance of colors may vary due to individual monitor calibration. Click here to request swatches. CCC-Palm-Tree

Swatch Colors

$29 Design Fee - Fit Best On Covers Over 20 Inches Wide




$49 Design Fee - Fit Best On Covers Over 40 Inches Wide


$89 Design Fee - Fit Best On Covers Over 47 Inches Wide


$89 - $129 Design Fee - Team Logo Examples / Fit Best On Covers Over 47 Inches Wide - Click for Entire Team Gallery


$89 - $149 for Custom Logos you submit for evaluation - Click for Details

Add a Design.  We Love to add Designs to Custom Cool TV Covers making each Unique to match and enhance your Back Yard Living Space.

Designs are Expertly Hand Cut from the same Marine Grade Vinyl that Custom Cool TV Covers are made with. (Designs are not Ink Jetted on.)

Personalized Design Fees Range from $89 to $149 - Whatever Design you choose, it will be AWESOME!

Please submit Information in email - along with photo for Evaluation & Quote.



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Disclaimer: TV’s are not weather proofed so moisture, humidity, and rain may enter the TV’s interior and cause the internal circuitry to short out. Don’t forget those pesky insects. Insects are a conductor of electricity and may cause a short circuit. It’s always a good idea to allow the Cover to “air out” on a good weather day, if you’ve not removed the Cover for entertainment purposes in awhile. Custom Cool TV Covers are designed to help protect your TV and enhance your outdoor decor while the TV is not in use. The cover will help keep dust and light moisture away from the TV. Covers are not meant to withstand direct rain, maintain warmth in below freezing temperatures or to keep cool in extreme heat. All information and suggestions are supplied in the expectations that our customers will make their own determination on how best to protect their outdoor TV, based on placement of outdoor TV and weather conditions. In no case will Custom Cool TV Covers be responsible for damage to TV.