Quality TV Covers with the looks to match! Help protect your investment from Dust, Lt Moisture & Static.

We Love Referrals!

We are confident that Custom Cool TV Cover owners will be happy
to tell their Friends & Neighbors about our product and we appreciate that!

When placing your order, you'll have the opportunity to request 8 ½ x 5 ½ glossy's which will be printed with your name on it, as the Referral.
This will remind your friends to mention your name when they place their order with us.

Referal cards

It’s that easy! In days you will receive your FREE $10 Chevron / Texaco Gas Card.
There is no limit to how many FREE $10 Chevron / Texaco
Gas Cards will be awarded to one customer, for the Referrals.

*To qualify for a FREE $10
Chevron / Texaco Gas Card the receiver of the Gas Card (you) must have purchased a Custom Cool TV Cover.

This program does not apply to Dealers / Distributors.



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